The Patent Submission Window is Now Closed!



IP3 2017

The IP3 2017 Patent Portfolio submission window is now closed.  We welcome your technology patent portfolio submissions through our Standard Program which is available to you all year long.

If you have questions about your IP3 Submission, contact us at  Please see the Program Information document below for the timing of next steps in the IP3 selection process.   

About AST

AST, the leading provider of proactive patent defense solutions has completed the first phase of this year’s IP3 (Industry Patent Purchase Program), a fixed price, fixed term, collaborative patent buying program. The new program provides patent owners access to all AST Members – dozens of the world’s most successful companies across multiple industries, including information technology, software, semiconductors, communications, automotive, health tech and social media companies such as:

AST’s IP3 2017 builds on the success of 2016’s, IP3, a first of its kind industry program designed to give sellers an easy way to access the secondary market by streamlining the process of selling patents with a fixed price, rapid response model. AST’s IP3 2017 still promotes the fundamental principles of last year’s Program with new modifications based on Member and market feedback. Now open to its full Membership, AST plans to make fixed priced purchasing programs an important part of its business, offering different installments of the Program to patent sellers, each one targeting specific patent areas and technologies. IP3 2017 focuses on the following technologies:

Internet of Things


Content Delivery



Before moving forward with submission, we strongly encourage you to review the IP3 2017 process, the Submission Terms and Conditions, and the Patent Assignment Agreement with an attorney.

The Submission Window for IP3 2017 is Now Closed.

Last Year’s Pricing and Purchase Summary


About AST

AST is the leading provider of proactive patent defense solutions. We offer a highly efficient, cost-effective and proven method of mitigating the risk of patent assertions and litigation by enabling our Members to collectively purchase assets available on the open market. Because we are an independent, not-for-profit cooperative, we provide a trusted and fully transparent way for Members to analyze patent purchase opportunities including triage, evaluation and acquisition services. AST’s Members currently include top global companies from a wide-range of industries including Ford, Google, Honda, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Philips, Sony, and Uber. For more information on AST please visit