Attention Patent Owners!

AST Announces  2018,

Connecting Patent Sellers with Dozens of Leading Technology Companies Through a Collaborative Fixed Price, Fixed Term Buying Program


The IP3 Program Submission Window Has Closed.     Our Standard Program Submission process is open and available here.

IP3 2018

The Patent Submission Window Has Closed.

This year’s Fixed Duration, Collaborative Buying Program Builds on prior years’ successful IP3 Patent Purchase Program from AST.  IP3 2018 again Gives Patent Owners Access to AST’s Full Membership – Some of the World’s Leading Technology Companies – as well as Other Participating Companies – for Each Phase of the Program.

About AST

Attention patent owners!  AST is an independent not-for-profit Member-based cooperative helping companies mitigate their risk of patent assertions and litigation. AST has launched the 2018 iteration of IP3 (Industry Patent Purchase Program), a fixed price, fixed term, collaborative patent buying program.  This year’s program continues to provide patent owners access to all AST Members – as well as non-member operating companies who have joined this program as IP3 Buyers – with dozens of the world’s most successful companies across multiple industries, including information technology, software, semiconductors, communications, automotive, health tech, and social media companies such as:

AST’s IP3 2018 builds on the success of our prior years’ IP3 projects.  IP3, a first of its kind industry program, gives sellers an easy way to access the secondary market by streamlining the process of selling patents with a fixed price, rapid response model.  IP3 2018 continues to promote the fundamental principles of the program with enhancements based on AST Member and market feedback.  We are making fixed priced purchasing programs an important part of our business, offering different implementations of the Program to patent sellers, each one targeting specific patent areas and technologies.  IP3 2018 focuses on the following technologies:

AI / Machine Learning

Augmented / Virtual Reality

Automotive / Transportation Services


IoT & Connected Devices

Smart Home

Software / Web Services


The Patent Submission Window Has Closed.

Before moving forward with your submission, we strongly encourage you to review the IP3 2018 process, the Submission Terms and Conditions, and the Patent Assignment Agreement with an attorney.


Patent Portfolio Pricing

We are often asked to provide pricing-related guidance for IP3 submissions.  Below are links to articles that Submitters may find helpful that describe AST’s experience and that of others regarding technology patent price expectations.

2017 Patent Prices2016 Patent PricesAverage Patent Prices


Special Invitation To Operating Companies

Opportunities to Buy
AST wishes to extend an invitation to Operating Companies, who are not currently AST Members, to participate in IP3 2018 as potential patent buyers. As an “IP3 2018 Buyer” you will have full access to the extensive information on each IP3 2018 portfolio listed on our proprietary fAST IP database. You will also have the benefit of collaborating with AST Members as IP3 2018 portfolios are identified, analyzed, selected, and purchased. IP3 2018 Buyers also will receive a license to all deals if they spend more than $150,000 if they are a large company with more than $1B in annual revenue or $75,000 if their company has below $1B in revenue.
If you are interested in becoming an IP3 2018 Buyer or have questions, please send us a message with your company contact information to We look forward to working with you

Worldwide Corporate Revenues
IP3 2018 Buyer Management Fee
0 – $250M
$250M – $500M
$500M – $1B
$1B – $4B

The AST Standard Patent Purchase Program

If you were searching for our Standard Program, where you set the bid deadlines and purchase prices are negotiated, please click this link: STANDARD PATENT PURCHASE PROGRAM