AST Announces Results for IP3 2022 – Collaborative Patent Purchase Program

AST Members closed 36 deals, which yielded $3.12 million and consisted of 41 patent families with 64 active assets.

AST, the leader of proactive and collaborative patent defense solutions, reported the positive outcomes of its seventh Industry Patent Purchase Program (IP3). The IP3 initiative connects patent owners with prominent technology companies through a collaborative, fixed-price, fixed-term, and time-limited patent purchase plan.

Similar to previous IP3 programs, IP3 2022 garnered strong interest from not only AST Membership firms, but from individual sellers, brokers, and law firms. Over the course of two months, 40+ AST Members examined over 1,100 submissions from 340 sellers and brokers. Members such as Cisco, Google, Intel, Meta, Microsoft, Oracle, Philips, Snap, Uber, and Verizon, among others, joined forces to efficiently make purchases.

“This was our seventh IP3 program, and every year I am astounded by the collaboration amongst our Members and how they work seamlessly to determine what patents will be the most advantageous to their businesses and product lines,” said Russell W. Binns Jr., CEO of AST.

AST Members closed 36 deals which yielded $3.12 million and consisted of 41 patent families with 64 active assets.  The Sellers’ asking prices ranged from as low as $7,000 to as high as $225,000 per deal. While the cost per patent family was $83,236, the average acquisition price per lot was $86,778. At the end of September 2022, sellers were notified of the intent to purchase and as always, AST has closed every single deal, helping patent owners realize real value from their inventions.

The IP3 2022 program received over 1,300 submissions, with 1,150 valid submissions accepted for consideration by AST Members. Offered patent deals consisted of over 3,000 active assets including 1,700 US patents. The asking prices for the submissions ranged from $3,000 to $1,000,000,000, with 95% of offered deals having an asking price of below $500,000.

The average price per submission was $117,000 for deals under $500,000 only, and the median price for all submissions was $90,000. 92% of all submissions were single-family patent offerings.

61% of purchased deals were previously received and reviewed by AST Members, emphasizing the importance for sellers and brokers to stay engaged with AST. New review materials, such as Evidence of Use charts, supporting documents, change in sellers’ asking prices, additional patent assets, and new AST Memberships, were the primary reasons for the interest in previously received AST Lots.

Keeping with AST’s catch-and-release mandate, AST posted the purchased IP3 2022 lots that are now available for sale and license on its website for potential buyers or buyers’ representatives. For more information, please email

AST was established in 2007 as a member-driven cooperative with the primary objective of reducing patent risk. The most advanced and well-known technological companies in the world utilize the services provided by AST through the cost-sharing acquisition of intellectual property rights. Over 40 leading international businesses from a variety of sectors make up the membership of AST, including Avaya, Cisco, Google, IBM, Intel, Juniper Networks, Meta, Microsoft, Oracle, Philips, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Snap, Sony, Spotify, Uber, Verizon, and others. Please visit the AST website for further details.

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