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We are a Member-driven cooperative that provides to some of the world’s most innovative and recognized technology companies patent risk mitigation services, market insights, and a forum for IP leaders to interact and form business relationships.

Our unique non-profit model means that Members come first every day.

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AST analyzes US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patent assignment records and gathers data from numerous public sources. This report highlights activity in the patent deals market during the fourth quarter of 2024.

In the final quarter of 2023, the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recorded 467 patent transactions involving 1,900 assets, with 460 sellers and 439 buyers participating. High-tech domains, such as Communication, Computing Systems, Electronics, Lighting, Semiconductor, Software and Wireless, accounted for 59% of total transacted assets.


Emerging Growth Company Advantage

Emerging Growth Companies: Targeting 11,000 Series C and beyond startups with more than $100M in funding, and less than $500M in revenue.

AST Fast Facts

AST received Over 1,500 patent purchase opportunities in 2022

Since its inception in 2007, AST has been offered over 20,000 patent portfolios comprising over 350,000 patent assets

6,000+ patent sellers as well as over 600 brokers have worked with AST over the years. AST has done 650 deals comprising thousands of assets on behalf of its members

Over $450M spent in acquiring patent rights helping Members to avoid 1000+ litigations

94% of 9,500+ US litigations filed since 2010 have used patents offered on secondary market

34% of all US litigations filed in 2021 are using patents offered on secondary patent market

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Industry Testimonials

Google is pleased with our membership in AST – Its business model is among the ways we mitigate the risk of future patent litigation for Google products and services. Google entrusts the AST team to handle intake of third-party offers for patent sales and to facilitate the processing of those opportunities for consideration.

Michael Lee
Head of Patents at Google

We worked with AST to secure a license to a portfolio that has since been litigated against several other companies in our industry. The AST transaction was smooth, efficient and at a significantly lower cost than we would have faced if we had not acted proactively.

Chip Lutton
Vice President and General Counsel, Nest Labs, Inc. / A Google Company

As part of our pricing study completed in the first half of 2016, comparing some of the most active buyers in the secondary market, we found that AST’s prices have been right in the middle. They neither overpay nor underpay on behalf of their members, but seem to pay a reasonable market price.

Kent Richardson
Partner, Richardson Oliver Law Group

AST brought one of our portfolios to the attention of a member of theirs, who ultimately bought it. While we had offered the portfolio to the company directly, and received other offers to acquire the portfolio, it was AST’s involvement that caused them to really consider the portfolio, and I believe ultimately contributed to the sale. That’s one of the great things about AST – their members can either buy through AST, or directly with a seller. I look forward to more successful transactions between Adapt IP, AST, and AST’s members.

Grant Moss
Founder and President, Adapt IP Ventures

AST are a pleasure to work with. They are responsive, price competitive and very detail orientated.

Ian Watson
Founder and President, Quinn Pacific

AST operates with the highest integrity when buying or selling patent portfolios. When buying, AST is efficient and reliable – performing due diligence, submitting bids, and negotiating the patent sale agreement within the requested timeframes. When selling, AST is pragmatic as to the sale price and quickly responds to buyer questions and issues. AST understands the patent transaction market and is always moving transactions towards closing.

John Koepke
Founding Partner, Red Chalk Group

I’ve seen over one hundred patent purchase agreements. For a seller, some are complete deal killers. AST’s agreement is the exact opposite. It takes discipline and experience for a buyer to get what they need and no more. AST benefits from both, and so do sellers that close deals with them.

William J. Plut
Patent Profit International

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