Series 111 (LOT 10118)

This lot is generally related to user authentication. Techniques are disclosed to authenticate a user on bank accounts or secured websites without a need of entering the password at multiple applications. The system discloses a technique to generate a reusable identifier such as QR code etc. that is only valid for a finite and predetermined period of time (minutes or hours or days). The identifier has a copy of the reusable identifier and user verification information for authentication. The identifiers are very safe and do not require complex and time-consuming encryption/decryption process to protect sensitive data, since it does not have user or transaction-specific information. Also disclosed are techniques to provide a first identifier to a verification server, provide a resource identifier with a second identifier to the user device, receive authorization information from the user device and allow the user to access requested service or application. The technology may be implemented in online services, banking services, secured web login, security services, facility entry systems, etc.

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