IP3 2023 – Video Processing (LOT 14900)

This lot is generally related to a video compression system which uses a predictive quantization coding to achieve high data compression ratio and small distortion loss. Disclosed is a technique of predictive quantization coding which divides a pixel to be processed into multiple pixel components and obtains one pixel component to be processed from the pixel components. Also disclosed are techniques to obtain texture direction gradients of the pixel component to be processed and obtain reference pixels based on the texture direction gradients and positional relationships between the pixel component to be processed and the remaining of the plurality of pixel components. The system obtains a prediction residual of the pixel component to be processed according to the reference pixels and obtains the prediction residual to form a prediction residual code stream. Further disclosed are techniques to divide the prediction residual code stream into multiple quantization units to obtain first rate distortion optimizations and second rate distortion optimizations. The technology may be implemented in video compression systems, video encoding and decoding systems, etc.

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