IP3 2023 – Video Codec 1 (LOT 14303)

This lot is generally related to a technique for encoding and decoding a depth map for images and techniques for 3D video coding for supporting free view-point television (FTV) to generate natural video which allows a user to interactively control the viewpoint. Disclosed is a technique to decode a depth map by decoding a bitplane on a bitstream in units of blocks of a pre-determined size to reconstruct the depth map and decode coding mode information for each depth map block having coding mode information. Also disclosed is a bitplane decoding technique for adaptively performing XOR operation in units of bitplane blocks to determine whether or not to perform XOR operation in units of bitplane blocks based on the decoded value of XOR operation information. The technology may be implemented in image processing systems, image coding and decoding systems, 3D video systems, etc.

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