IP3 2023 – Semiconductor Packaging 1 (LOT 14662)

This lot is generally related to fabrication and assembly of a three dimensional (3D) electromechanical device used in various applications, such as defense, exploration, and automotive industries, etc. Disclosed is an assembling of a 3D electromechanical device by providing a mounting fixture with a wafer member which defines first and second surfaces oppositely disposed. The wafer member has a first mounting cavity defining an opening in the first surface of the wafer member, has multiple side walls and a bottom wall which adjoins the side walls to close the cavity at the second surface. Also disclosed are techniques to place multiple chips in the first mounting cavity through the opening of the cavity and connect the first chip and the second chip on each side walls and a third chip on the bottom walls to form a 3D electromechanical device. The technology may be implemented in integrated MEMS systems, MEMS packaging systems, bonded semiconductor structures, etc.

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