IP3 2023 – Navigation 1 (LOT 14799)

This lot is generally related to synchronization of GPS device information by transferring data stored in one GPS unit to another GPS unit. Disclosed is a technique to transfer geographic data by establishing a wireless link between a GPS based mobile device and a vehicle mounted navigation system. The vehicle mounted navigation system sends a request for geographic data to the GPS equipped mobile device including a destination, a route, waypoints, origins, distances or other information integrated with the vehicle mounted navigation system. The mobile device receives the route with a present geographic location of the vehicle mounted navigation system, a time, date, geographic region, and surrounding waypoints and calculates a geographic solution such as displaying a map having details of current location and the destination, turn-by-turn direction from the current location to the destination, etc. The technology may be implemented in mobile devices, mobile apps, navigation devices, cab-scheduling systems, etc.

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