IP3 2023 – MEMS Switch (LOT 11660)

his lot is generally related to accelerometers. Disclosed is an acceleration or shock-triggered smart MEMS switch which can function as a classic accelerometer and as an acceleration threshold detector. The MEMS device has a stationary and a movable element for forming a capacitor. Also disclosed is that acceleration moves the movable member with respect to the stationary member which changes the capacitance and charges the device. The system applies a bias voltage to the stationary and movable element and the electrostatic force positions the movable and stationary elements to snap down to cause physical contact between the elements and function as a switch. Further disclosed is that the predetermined acceleration allows a current to flow through the elements and an external device such as an airbag to be electrically activated. The technology may be implemented in optomechanical devices, MEMS switches, acceleration sensors, etc.

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