IP3 2023 – Image & Graphics Processing (LOT 14794)

This lot is generally related to a technique to automatically create a three-dimensional (3D) image in a two-dimensional (2D) scene by adding various realistic parameters such as shadowing, reflection, refraction, transparency and other effects. Disclosed is a technique to generate an image by analyzing 2D image properties, detect edges, find objects in the 2D image and add a 3D object in the 2D image. The system estimates objects in the 2D image which are positioned in front or behind of the 3D object. The system adds a reflection, a shadow of one of the objects in the 2D on an outer surface of the 3D object and a representation of the objects in the 2D image viewable through a transparent or semi-transparent portion of the 3D object. Further disclosed are techniques to provide features such as slide show, movie, image batch processing, labelling, matching schemes across images, dimension effect, image blurring correction, noise reduction, allow a user to add text and provide painting and drawing tools. The technology may be implemented in image simulation systems, image processing systems, image correction systems, 3D scene reconstruction systems, etc.

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