IP3 2023 – Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 3 (LOT 14705)

This lot is generally related to a system to automatically generate samples for training models which can be used to predict a user’s emotional response from the user’s affective response. The system receives a response from a user on a segment of content consumed by the user by tracking eye movement while the user is watching the segment and determines attention level based on the gaze movement. Also disclosed are techniques to receive an affective response measurement of the user taken and training a measurement model emotional response predictor. A patent in this portfolio discloses a technique to control and reduce the amount of affective response measurement data transmitted by sensors which are attached to a user’s body. The reduction should be achieved without dramatically reducing the performance of the systems utilizing the affective response measurements to reduce possible health risks. The technology may be implemented in affective information determination systems, user emotional state determination systems, eye-tracking systems, etc.

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