IP3 2022 – Video Processing 1 (LOT 13760)

This lot is generally related to tracking an image of an object in multiple video frames by using discrete texture traces. Disclosed is a technique for tracking an image of an object consisting of a processor for determining a first video frame in multiple video frames having a set of discrete texture traces to a target location in a patch to establish a reference model. The patch is generated by the set of discrete texture traces which connects to the target location from locations in a finite support region defined by a discrete trace length of a pre-determined length. Each discrete texture trace is a finite sequence of quantized descriptions, and each quantized description has a quantized description of a first location in the finite support region. The processor detects the target location in a second video frame by maximizing a score based on the reference model. The technology may be implemented in face recognition systems, automatic traffic signal systems, real-time image tracking systems, etc.

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