IP3 2022 – Navigation System Route Planning (LOT 11568)

This lot is generally related to route planning and navigation systems. Techniques are disclosed to efficiently determine a route from a starting point to a destination and help in re-routing the navigation in case of route deviation. Disclosed is a route planning system for navigation from a starting point to a destination by acquiring the current position of the electronic device and obtaining a decision point corresponding to the current position in a planned route. The decision point has a dedicated moving direction which is planned by the planned route and a plurality of possible moving directions. The system generates multiple candidate routes for the destination and navigates the electronic device to the destination by utilizing the planned route or the candidate route. Also disclosed is that all possible moving directions of the candidate route are planned in advance so that one of the pre-planned candidate routes is used as a replacement route without any calculations for route re-planning. The technology may be implemented in navigation systems, mobile apps, map software, etc.

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