IP3 2022 – 3D Imaging (LOT 12062)

This lot is generally related to three-dimensional (3D) imaging using a mobile device. Techniques are disclosed to capture 3D images through a mobile phone to detect structural defects and analyze goods without physical presence, such as body scanning, garment fitting, medical imaging, etc. Disclosed is a technique for a 3D-imaging system consisting of a light source, and a modulator connected with the light source to modulate output of the light source with a frequency sweep signal. Also disclosed is an optical circuitry connected to the light source and a light sensor circuitry for sensing optical output of the optical circuitry. The optical circuitry converts the optical output into multiple electrical signals. Further disclosed is a signal processing circuit connected with the light sensor circuitry for extracting 3D information of the object from the electrical signals. Few techniques disclose a mobile phone for conveniently capturing high resolution 3D images that contain the depth information. The technology may be implemented in 3D imaging, fingerprint sensors, mobile phones, iPads, digital cameras, etc.

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