IP3 2021-Web Services – Content Selling (LOT 7626)

This lot is generally related to online content selling. Techniques are disclosed to provide an online platform to publish news, blogs or other content along with readers’ thoughts and generate revenue from readers in terms of subscription of paid comments. Disclosed is an online system to receive content such as a news story or blog entry, etc., from various content providers and allow readers to share comments by paying a fee to the providers. Also disclosed are techniques to provide various templates by using pre-selected color, font or an a la carte selection of various colors, borders, fonts, and the like so that the reader can choose their own attributes of distinctiveness for comments. Further disclosed are techniques to place readers’ comments section or a distinctive appearance and/or position on a web page and auction prominent comment locations on a webpage for a certain time period. The technology may be implemented in online news content providers’ websites, blog websites, websites for stories, social networks, political analysis systems, etc.

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