IP3 2021-Wearable ECG System (LOT 12666)

This lot is generally related to a wearable electrocardiogram (ECG) system. Disclosed is a wearable ECG device for frequently and constantly monitoring the heart condition of a user. The wearable ECG device has multiple electrodes, a multiplexer with an input terminal, two output terminals and a control terminal. Also disclosed is a detection module connected with one output end of the multiplexer, and a digital detection module is connected with the other end of the multiplexer. The processor is connected with the multiplexer and the digital detection module. The system has a motion-sensing module connected with the processor for sensing the acceleration of the wearable ECG system and outputs an electrical signal based on the acceleration. The wearable ECG has a digital signal processing circuit consisting of three filters. The second and third filters are connected with the first filter and a waveform buffer is connected with the first, second and third filters. The technology may be implemented in wearable ECG systems, wearable heart monitors, etc.

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