IP3 2021-Semiconductor 2 (LOT 12444)

This lot is generally related to semiconductor devices. Disclosed are techniques for manufacturing castellated gate MOSFET devices which are vertically oriented and used for high performance analog and mixed-signal applications. Disclosed is a castellated-gate MOSFET tetrode device consisting of a semiconductor substrate region having an upper and lower portion with a top surface and a bottom surface. The substrate has a source and a drain region with primary and secondary channel-forming regions that are disposed to form an integrated cascode structure. Also disclosed are multiple thin semiconductor channel elements formed by etching spaced gate slots having a first predetermined depth into the substrate. Further disclosed are second gate structures provided by interposing castellated second gate elements between secondary channel elements and a second gate member interconnects at the upper vertical ends to cover the secondary channel elements which are separated by second dielectric layers from the second gate structure to form an integrated cascode device structure to provide high speed integrated vertical I/O device. Few patents disclose fabrication of castellated-gate MOSFET device for analog and mixed-signal applications having reduced sensitivity to substrate noise and crosstalk generated by the digital logic functions. The technology may be implemented in memory chips, microprocessors, power MOSFET, digital circuits, etc.

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