IP3 2021-Network Management 2 (LOT 12731)

This lot is generally related to control access of a network resource. Techniques are disclosed to control usage of network resources in a common access point. Disclosed is a technique to control access of a common shared access point based on a controllable amount of connection performance such as bandwidth, latency or packet loss. The system controls the bandwidth, latency or packet loss for each user who is spending more time on the access point by providing less bandwidth or connection performance. The system automatically provides high bandwidth to new users and discourages users from spending long periods of time occupying the physical space, such as cafes. Further disclosed are techniques to measure performance parameters to encourage certain types of activity such as video streaming, voice over IP, etc. The system also allows users to enjoy high bandwidth who are purchasing stuff from the cafe or involved in other activity such as viewing an advertisement, completing a survey or participating in some other activity. The technology may be implemented in cafes at the airports, access points at restaurants, mobile applications, etc.

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