IP3 2021-Multimedia Content Management (LOT 11265)

This lot is generally related to distribution of media content. Disclosed is a technique to record and distribute notable live events to users across a network. The system receives multiple time stamped media data such as audio, video of live events from various user devices into a server. The server read captured media and triggered data having time stamps indicating real time trigger event to generate media segments corresponding to a trigger datum from the media capture devices. The server has a display unit for displaying multiple media segments consisting of time datum corresponding to the media segment from each of the multiple cross-registered devices without disclosing a reference of received trigger from a particular cross-registered device. Also disclosed are techniques of cross-registration of devices by enrolling devices in a group created on a communication network. Further disclosed are techniques to transfer the stored media data from a temporary memory to a permanent storage as a media segment when the trigger datum is received. The technology may be implemented in media streaming services, mobile phones, media distribution systems, social networks, etc.

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