IP3 2021-Location-Based Services (LOT 12735)

This lot is generally related to delivery of content based on a user’s mobile device location. Disclosed is a technique to help small business owners to deliver marketing and advertising information on a user device based on the presence location of the user device. Disclosed system delivers content to a mobile device having a network device with an uplink port, a downlink port, a memory, and a processor. The device establishes a connection with the downlink port and establishes first connection between the mobile device and a webserver through the downlink port. Also disclosed are techniques to determine a media access control (MAC) address of the mobile device, receive user history information associated with the MAC address, and provide targeted information to the mobile device. Further disclosed are techniques to update user history using the MAC address. The technology may be implemented in location-based services systems, content delivery systems, online shopping, etc.

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