IP3 2020-VoIP 2 (LOT 11629)

This lot is generally related to IP telephony.  Disclosed is a technique to automatically configure mobile terminal application-related control protocol settings to avoid errors in manual entries.  Disclosed parameter setting system consists of a user terminal capable of running application sessions, a gateway node, and a settings server.  The system recognizes a predefined application-related action in the user terminal, transmits a request from the user terminal to the gateway node to initialize a retrieval of application-related control protocol settings such as a session initiation protocol (SIP).  Also disclosed are techniques to receive the request message at the gateway node and retrieve identification information on the user terminal from a mobile network, which includes a mobile subscriber international integrated services digital network number MSISDN.  The system transmits the request message and the identification information to the setting server and defines application-related control protocol settings for the user terminal in the settings server and transmits the control protocol settings via the gateway node to the user terminal.  The technology may be implemented in telecommunication services, Internet Protocol (IP) networks, voice communication systems, etc.

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