IP3 2020-Speech Processing (LOT 11687)

This lot is generally related to a voice-based services system using voice recognition.  Techniques are disclosed to provide system-initiative scenario in which a user follows a predetermined scenario or a mutual-initiative scenario to get desired responses to provide services and satisfy various desires of the user.  Disclosed is a voice service system having a database for storing information and is connected with multiple terminals by a communication network.  The system has a call connection unit for transmitting and receiving a signal on a voice service to or from each of the terminals, a voice processing unit for interpreting a voice instruction received from the terminal and converting an internally-created voice service document into a voice message.  The system has a recognition management unit for extracting a grammar, which is expected to be spoken by a user, from the database and converting an internally created voice service document into a voice message.  The document management unit creates the voice service document including the extracted grammar as a voice anchor and a control unit for controlling information related to the voice anchor matching with the voice instruction.  The technology may be implemented in call centers, customer service systems, online ordering systems, etc.

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