IP3 2020-Media 2 (LOT 11867)

This lot is generally related to a digital media management system.  Disclosed is a remote application to provide media personalization for users using an electronic device.  Disclosed is a media personalization technique to provide personalized video viewing suggestions consisting of an electronic device to receive a request for activation of a user profile and assign an active operation status for user devices and passive status for the rest of the user devices based on policy information.  Also disclosed are techniques to apply the profile associated with the user device having an active status for the media personalization.  Further disclosed are techniques to monitor media consumption pattern of each user to differentiate between the consumption patterns of different users and perform analytics at user profile level.  The technology may be implemented in mobile phones, personal computers, laptops, set top boxes (STBs), digital video recorders (DVRs), media gateway boxes, etc.

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