IP3 2020-Media 1 (LOT 11425)

This lot is generally related to an intelligent multimedia streaming system.  Disclosed are techniques to automatically capture an event of interest to create a customized digital stream.  Disclosed system has multiple cameras for capturing video images of an event from various angles, multiple modules consisting of a rectification module for combining the video images to form a wide-angle view and a motion analysis module configured for tracking salient blobs which are not part of a background of the wide-angle view.  Also disclosed is an activity analysis module for extracting temporal and spatial patterns from the wide-angle view and a shape and appearance module for selecting objects in the wide-angle view.  The shape and appearance module selects objects based on descriptors that are scale and rotational invariant and a region of interest selector for selecting a viewpoint from the wide-angle view based on output from the motion analysis module for display.  The system has an audio recording device for capturing audio from the event and synchronizes the video images and audio to form a multimedia stream.  The technology may be implemented in mobile devices, TV cameras, event-capturing systems, etc.

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