IP3 2019-Navigation 4

This lot is generally related to location-based services. Techniques are disclosed to send notifications regarding restricted points of interest, promotions or areas to personal navigation devices (PNDs) such as mobile phones, PDAs by determining current position based on positioning signals received from a GPS satellite. The disclosed technique generates alerts on the user device by determining route of the PND, determines various locations such as a bakery, a bar, a jewelry store, a fast food restaurant along with the name, street address and filters data based on predetermined rules. The points-of-interest are categorized based on their type of business, and rules are applied on various categories such as the user is on a diet, in which case the user may wish to avoid fast food restaurants and bakeries. If PND is near the bakery or a fast food restaurant, the system generates an alert on the PND and reminds the user. The technology may be implemented as mobile apps, mobile operating systems, etc.

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