IP3 2019-Advertising 1

This lot is generally related to a display of advertisements on mobile devices. Disclosed is a technique to deliver advertisements, electronic coupons, etc., on a user mobile device by using an application program interface (API), which is associated with an application program running on the mobile device. The API enables the application program to retrieve, store, and display various types of promotional content such as advertisements, games, video content, audio content, and informational content, such as alerts, notifications, without the user request. The API within a client device may dynamically select advertisements for insertion within user-requested content without requiring intervention from a remote ad server. The API may make a request to a remote server to perform content selection using a selection algorithm to choose from the set of content which has already distributed to the client to provide additional opportunities for generating and enhancing revenue to content providers. The technology may be implemented in web browser, web servers used in mobile devices, PDAs, etc.

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