Ice Cap (LOT 12849)

This portfolio is generally related to techniques of monitoring heart condition of a patient. Various techniques are disclosed to monitor electrophysiological signals, electrical signal changes based on vector analysis, ECG systems having ASICs, biological tissue functions and other techniques to determine heart conditions. Disclosed is a technique to analyze patients electrical signals received from a patient signal data waveform and generate a set of vectors to point of interest. The system extracts multiple vector parameters and determine vector ratios on the vector parameters to monitor changes in the patient signal data waveform. A set of patents disclose a technique to automatically detect and measure ST deviation of a heart wave ECG signal with noise and determine baseline variation of the signal. Few patents in the portfolio disclose an electrocardiography (ECG) system which produces output signal by monitoring a voltage differential on the leads and has a drive circuit for cancelling a common mode noise among the electrodes. The ECG system has a lead fault detection unit with current source, a control module which measures parameters at each electrode and determine an amount of current leakage. Few patents in the lot disclose techniques for biological tissue function analysis based on saturation of haemoglobin with oxygen (SPO2) signal data which is synchronized with respiration signal data. Further disclosed is a system for heart ablation by automatically determining ablation pulse characteristics to determine the thickness of tissue and determined area of abnormality. The technology may be implemented in ECG systems, ECG signal analysis system, heart monitoring systems, etc.

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