Harvest Moon (LOT 12203)

This patent is generally related to a natural user interface (NUI) application which do not require any programming and a player for playing the applications. Disclosed is a natural user interface development platform for developing a graphic NUI application to be used by an end-user. The NUI development platform consists of a design manager for indicating and linking at design time of the graphic NUI application. The system has a graphic object and a NUI object which is to be captured by a NUI device so that during playing of the graphic NUI application the graphic object is intended to track the movements of the NUI object. Also disclosed is an interactive manager for managing movement of the object during design time interactive actions between the NUI object and the graphic object. The NUI manager for the NUI device is supported by a computing platform executing the NUI application which is developed graphically and employs the NUI device when executed and displays the object as captured. The technology may be implemented in organic user interface, NUI player, touch screens, three dimensional cameras, smartphone, laptop, smart TV, etc.

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