Green Field (LOT 10917)

This portfolio is generally related to communication networks. Disclosed are techniques to identify a VoIP proxy server with the lowest load to serve requesting devices, communicate audio data between devices where one device is behind a network address translation (NAT) firewall and provide uninterrupted VoIP communication between private network users. The system discloses a technique for load balancing in a VoIP system by sending a request to each proxy server, receive responses at a load balancing server and send identity of the server having lowest load to requesting user device. Also disclosed are techniques to communicate audio between devices which are behind a NAT firewall, by establishing a reliable call between a private network user and an Internet user, establish an outbound audio data channel between the network and the user, send an outbound data packet and utilize the packet to identify a reverse channel for inbound packets. Further, disclosed are techniques to establish and maintain Internet telephony calls between users even if a user is on a private network behind a NAT firewall. The technology may be implemented in VoIP services, Internet telephony services, communication networks, IP communication services, etc.

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