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1) US 7039678: An e-mail proxy, embodied as a system and a method, for enabling e-mail (electronic mail) messages to be received more quickly and efficiently by the user, and in particular, to such a system and method in which the user is able to separately receive e-mail text messages and attachments, preferably with streaming transmissions which have already been decoded. 2) US 6,684,088: method and a system for transmitting e-mail messages to, and displaying the contents of such messages by, a low bandwidth device, such as a wireless communication device for example. The system and method are particularly preferred for WAP-enabled devices of any type. The system and method are operative with any e-mail protocol. 3)US7,346,666: A system and method for a virtual mailbox, in which a user e-mail identity, such as an e-mail address for example, is decoupled from any specific e-mail account, or optionally from any specific action required to authorize the user of the e-mail address to access messages on the server, for example to send or receive messages. 4)US10/36801: system and method of the present invention enable attachments to be downloaded separately from the body of the e-mail message, which is typically text-only and which therefore requires less bandwidth to download. Instead, these attachments are represented by links in the message which is downloaded to the e-mail client of the user, such of the user can “click on” or otherwise select a link in order to retrieve the attachment Preferably, the attachment is downloaded to the computational device of the user in a streamed manner, for example according to the HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) protocol.

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