Blue Lobster (LOT 12339)

This portfolio is generally related to internet protocol (IP) based storage networks. Various techniques are disclosed for high performance network storage processors to accelerate the network data traffic and reduces the TCP/IP protocol stack overhead from the host processor and enables high line rate security processing including firewall, encryption, decryption, intrusion detection, etc. Disclosed is a technique to enable retrieval of data in a memory subsytem using a hardware-implemented processor consisting of a flash memory in a target system with a host processor which is connected to a TCP/IP network. The system has TCP/IP protocol with a transport layer and a network layer for receiving a request to register a region of flash memory from an application running on the target system. The system makes the region of the flash memory available to multiple peers and receives data packets by the hardware-implemented processor at the target system. Also disclosed are techniques to receive a remote direct memory access request in the data packets with a location of a region of the flash memory to store data or retrieve the data from the memory subsystem without the host processor controlling memory access during the storing or retrieving. Few patents in the portfolio disclose a hardware processor which drastically reduces the TCP/IP protocol stack processing overhead from the host CPU and enables security processing features like firewall at various protocol layers such as link, network and transport layers to substantially improve the host CPU performance for intended applications. Few more patents disclose programmable IP processor architecture which allows customer specific applications such as network management, storage firewall or other security capabilities, bandwidth management, quality of service, virtualization, performance monitoring, zoning, LUN masking to be deployed seamlessly. The technology may be implemented in storage area network, IP Storage Networking solutions, shared-disk file systems, etc.

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