Blue Hills (LOT 11110)

This portfolio is majorly related to delivery of targeted advertisements on a mobile device. Various techniques are disclosed to deliver online sponsored advertisements based on the user profile and bid amount from the sponsor. A set of patents disclose techniques to forward a mobile subscribers’ characteristic such as geographic region, transaction history to a sponsored content provider to deliver relevant content. The system transmits time details to the sponsor to match the content based on the relevancy parameters score of the subscribers’ characteristic and deliver the content through a link using an API. Also disclosed are techniques to update search results based on location of searchers’ device past search history, receive a bid amount along with an associated rendering capability from content providers. Second set of patents discloses techniques to deliver sponsored content by weighing of interaction information of the subscriber such as transaction events, purchase history, user history, geographic location, expertise, income bracket, home address etc. Few patents disclose a technique to associate a survey question with interactive sponsored content based on the subscribers’ response to the questions, analyse the user responses and select sponsored content for delivery on the user mobile device. Few more patents disclose techniques to receive the user selection of products, identify merchants who sell such products and send an ordered list of merchants to the user. Further disclosed are various techniques for delivery of targeted sponsored content based on user profile and history of events, matching one user with multiple devices based on routes travelled by these devices, etc. The technology may be implemented in ecommerce, online content distribution system, online shopping system, search engines, location based services, managing user profiles, navigation devices, mobile APPs, etc.

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