BIN 2022-Cloud & Network Storage (LOT 13117)

This lot is generally related to an intelligent system for load balancing in an IT infrastructure. Disclosed is a technique to provide a software-based hyper-converged infrastructure to provide all the necessary components for an IT infrastructure within a single appliance. Techniques are disclosed to extend storage capacity in a hyper-converged infrastructure by installing an Ethernet-based host bus adapter to a first host node having a computing component for allocating resources to guest machines. The system connects an external storage device to the first host node to a first port and connects a second end of the cable to the Ethernet cable to a first port of an Ethernet-based host bus adapter. The first host node and the external storage device communicate using the Advanced Technology Attachment (ATA) protocol over Ethernet (AoE) data packets so that the communication protocol, storage drives within the external storage device appear as direct-attached storage. The technology may be implemented in virtualized networking systems, data centers, IT management systems, etc.

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