BIN 2021-WLAN(LOT 11253)

This lot is generally related to wireless communication systems. Disclosed is a unscheduled peer power save mode (PSM) to save battery life of wireless nodes by communicating with the peer node over a direct link. The system forms an indication frame at an access point (AP) for a client node, when in no service period has occurred for a period of time which is equal to an indication window. The system sends the formed indication frame from the AP node to the client node, receives the peer traffic indication from the access point and determines that the AP has traffic to send to the client node based on the indication frame. Also disclosed are techniques to adjust the duration of the indication window such as the duration of the indication window is increased if the arrival time of frames at the client node exceeds the indication window, and the duration is decreased if the arrival time of frames is less than the indication window. The technology may be implemented in mobile devices, portable electronic devices, laptop computers, cameras, etc.

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