BIN 2021-Video Streaming (LOT 11423)

This lot is generally related to a video overlay system. Disclosed is a technique to add overlay images or tags on a video to enhance video in a collaborative environment. Techniques are disclosed to display video and an overlay or tag using an application running through a browser. The user sends a request to a server to send a first uniform resource locator (URL) related to a location of the video and a second URL related to a location of the overlay or tag and a playlist data. The play list data includes sequence information for playing each segment of the video, timing information indicating when to display the overlay during playing of the video, and location information indicating a coordinate within the video for displaying the overlay. The user merges the video and the overlay into an integrated media sequence which is played onto the user device based on the playlist and displays the tag. Also disclosed are techniques to automatically link the user with the content having the overlay or tag to display on the browser. The technology may be implemented in video streaming, video editing software, etc.

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