BIN 2021-Video Processing (LOT 12324)

This lot is generally related to a technique of video compression for transmission in low and variable bandwidth networks. Disclosed is a technique of vision guided compression (VGC) or salience based compression (SBC) for video compression to reduce network bandwidth requirements and preserving important details in the original video content in salient regions. Disclosed is a technique of guided pre-filtering of video content by receiving bandwidth information using a feedback path for a network and modifies various parameters of a pre-filter connected to a video encoder based on the received bandwidth information. The video encoder encodes video data at a bit rate which is equivalent to activity in a region of the video content and applies the pre-filter to the video content. Also disclosed are techniques to generate modified parameters of the video content. The system provides pre-filtering based on saliency compression by recognizing salient regions and non-salient regions in the original video content. Further disclosed are techniques to automatically encode the salient regions of pre-filtered video content at a higher bit-rate than non-salient regions to provide uninterrupted video streaming. A patent in the lot discloses a technique of video compression based on region-of-interest to capture a higher quality video image within the region-of-interest in comparison to the non-region-of-interest. The technology may be implemented in video streaming systems, video compression software, etc.

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