BIN 2021-Search and Advertising (LOT 12016)

This lot is generally related to user preference based web searching. Disclosed are techniques to determine user preferences and match products, such as videos, photos, books, garments, restaurants, moving companies, dentists, plumbers, which are not explicitly shared by anyone. Techniques are disclosed to determine user preferences by extracting information from a database by web-crawling robots without cooperation or specific participation by a user. The system assists the user in selection of items on the Internet consisting of a processor, a web robot for crawling multiple websites to determine published userIDs and associated published preferences for items on the web. The system has a database for storing the userIDs and associated preferences, a software for performing an analysis and a suggestion function. The system assumes that the user has used the same userID on multiple websites and associates the preferences stored for the particular userID. Also disclosed are techniques to create a weighting profile for the user to determine the user preferences of items by combining the suggested items on multiple websites. The technology may be implemented in web browsers, search engines, eCommerce websites, etc.

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