BIN 2021-Mobile Services for Point of Sale (LOT 12168)

his lot is generally related to a smart drive-thru or a point-of-sale transaction system. Disclosed is a smart marketplace which is automatically able to take the customer’s order, record the order, confirm the order, prepare the order, process the payment, and deliver the correct ordered items to the customer. Disclosed is a technique to receive a programmable code for execution on a customer smart device, enter into the customer smart device an identification of the customer, receive a desired delivery destination from the customer smart device, and display a preferred restaurant based on a restaurant criterion on the customer smart device. The restaurant criterion is based on preferred restaurants, a first predetermined distance from the customer to restaurants located within the first predetermined distance, and a second predetermined distance from the desired delivery destination to restaurants located within the second predetermined distance. The system receives the order and generates an order comprising of food items into a customer interface on the customer smart device and transmits the order to the selected preferred restaurant. Further disclosed are techniques to transmit payment information based on the food items and delivery fee and displaying a unique identifier associated with the order for food items. The system transmits a customer identification associated with the order for food items to at least one of: the selected preferred restaurant and a delivery driver. The technology may be implemented in fast food restaurants, fast food retailers, automatic fast food ordering systems, etc.

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