BIN 2021-Instant Messaging (LOT 12313)

This lot is generally related to a technique of correlating conversations in a messaging system. Techniques are disclosed to follow multiple conversations even when multiple conversations are intertwined and include questions, prompts, and answers that chronologically cross each other. Disclosed is a technique for correlating conversations in a messaging environment by providing a discussion interface at a first interface device which displays a first message and a second message. The system provides a message entry location for inputting new messages and receives a first indication indicating that the first message is part of an active conversation and changes a visual element of the message entry location. The system matches a first visual cue indication which is shared by a message with the active conversation. Also disclosed are techniques to receive a first new message at the message entry location and display the first new message within the discussion interface at the first interface device. The displayed message has a visual cue shared by all messages of the active conversation and can be color coded. The technology may be implemented in chat messengers, social networks, instant messaging, etc.

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