BIN 2021-Image Processing (LOT 12316)

This lot is generally related to photogrammetry marker system for determining a 3D pose of a target. Disclosed is a technique to determine an accurate 3D pose of the target having blurring effect because of a lack of sharp focus, noise and has nonlinear intensity scaling without utilizing high-quality lenses and high-resolution sensors. Disclosed is a technique to detect a shape using a figure with a contouring loop system and extract one iso-contour polygon from a set of pixels in an image by superimposing a triangular lattice over the set of pixels of the image. The triangles of the triangular lattice have vertices on pixel centers, pixel corners, and starting from an original triangle. The system extracts the iso-contour polygon by selecting an intensity chroma value within the set of pixels between three corners of a triangle and finds a directed line segment which represents the crossing of the intensity value within the triangle. Also disclosed are techniques to determine an exit point of the directed line segment and a nearest triangle to create a first matrix of points on the iso-contour polygon, until arriving at the original triangle. The technology may be implemented in photogrammetry, augmented reality, mobile apps, drone landing systems, high-speed photography, remote sensing, etc.

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