BIN 2020: Security 1

This lot is majorly related to security and targeted advertisements.  Various techniques are disclosed to provide the best matching advertisements to users, data security in an enterprise and secured entity authentication.  Few patents disclose techniques to provide the best matching content, such as animated images, movies, or audio clips, by accessing content rule repositories, evaluating the viewer’s characteristics, the situational characteristics in which the content is viewed and the viewer’s personal history.  Also disclosed are techniques to display the content based on a prioritized list by evaluating the individual content items against various business rules.  Few techniques disclose data security and resource access in an enterprise by obtaining a dynamically loadable security policy, invoking a data connector, which contains rule attributes to evaluate policy and return authorization decision.  Further, disclosed are techniques to authenticate entities to representational state transfer (REST) web services by exchanging attributes.  The technology may be implemented in ERP applications, security systems, multimedia services, advertisement services, CRM applications, authentication services, etc.

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