Russell Binns, AST CEO, named to the 2016 IAM Magazine list of “the world’s elite IP deal makers”

russell-binnsThe IAM Market Makers – our annual listing of the individuals we consider to be the most influential in driving the global IP transactions market – was first published in 2014. That initial list was dominated by US companies and also featured a significant number of non-practising entities (NPEs). Three years on and the 2016 assembly reflects just how much has changed in the world of IP deals: this year’s list features many more individuals working at Asian entities and a significant European presence. There is less US representation than in previous years – unsurprising, given that the list features far fewer NPE executives. These changes reflect the ongoing development of the IP transactions market as it becomes truly global.

Find the complete IAM Magazine article by clicking here.  Then scroll down to FEATURES / Meet the world’s elite IP deal makers.

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