AST Reaches Industry Milestone With More Than 10,000 Portfolios Reviewed and Published

AST has reached an incredible industry-leading milestone of having received, reviewed and published more than 10,000 patent portfolios! This represents more than 250,000 patent assets (U.S. patents or foreign patents, including counterparts, and applications) seen for sale since 2007 by AST and AST Members. No single company or organization has more visibility into patents offered on the secondary market than AST.

Why has AST been so successful? One reason is that we operate across the patent marketplace covering many different industries and market segments. Over the course of AST’s 12-year history we’ve established relationships with more than 4,500 patent sellers. As a result, we see more patent portfolios than anyone else.

The significance of this milestone underscores how AST has effectively engaged with the seller community – a unique accomplishment in the industry. AST consistently receives over 1,000 patent portfolio offerings per year, translating into between 20,000 and 30,000 patent assets per year – higher than any other organization. Put into perspective, in AST’s first year we received only 10 patent portfolios available for purchase. The creation of AST helped usher in a decade of patent risk mitigation for operating companies that continues to grow – while providing a platform for sellers and brokers to more easily offer patents for sale.

There have been others that have implemented variations of syndicated buying of patents to lesser degrees of success. AST will continue to leverage the breadth and depth of our capabilities and resources to help the seller community reach our Members and to help our Members mitigate risk of patent assertions through innovative and effective programs like IP3. Congrats to our team for their hard work on behalf of our Members and stay tuned – we are still at work. More milestones and the best yet to come!

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