AST’s IP3 2024 Patent Purchase Program submission window is open

AST has officially opened the portfolio submission window for IP3 2024. IP3 was designed to connect patent owners with AST’s consortium of Member Companies that spans across diverse global industries. In recent years, licensing activity has significantly increased, and AST is committed to adapting our programs with innovative strategies that respond to the evolving dynamics in the industry. As a result, IP3 2024 will allow patent owners to submit their patent portfolios for purchase and/or licensing. Patent owners can set a fixed price for purchase of their submission, establish a fixed group licensing fee for sublicensing up to 35 companies, or opt for both options.

How to Submit Patents for Sale
We invite patent owners, brokers, universities and law firms to submit patents for sale or licensing through the AST IP3 portal from June 10 to June 21, 2024. AST welcomes submissions of single-family or related member assets, and previous submissions from our Standard program can also be transferred to IP3. All relevant IP3 documents, including the Patent Assignment Agreement, Sublicense Rights Agreement, and Submission Terms and Conditions, are available for download and review on our website. We advise consulting with an attorney to fully understand the program’s Terms and Conditions.

For more information about IP3 2024, please visit, read through our IP3 FAQ, or email us at with any further questions.

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